In-chair tooth whitening. We have been whitening teeth in the chair for eight years. We have tested every system available. We have chosen BriteSmile. We have seen it work the best.


...or a take home whitening pack. The patient wears a custom-made mouth guard that fits their teeth exactly. A peroxide based solution is placed in the tray and the tray is worn for a period of time each day over two weeks.

Both treatments include an initial examination and scale and clean.

We can also whiten individual teeth in one hour.

The active ingredient in the gel breaks down releasing oxygen that enters the tooth and whitens the discolouration. The tooth structure is initially more porous and then is remineralised by the saliva.
Causes of tooth Discolouration
Causes include aging, trauma, tetracycline staining, excessive Fluoride, consumption of staining substances (coffee, tea tobacco) nerve degeneration, and old fillings.
Whitening can give a nice light smile to almost everybody. In unrestored teeth It is the ideal treatment if you feel that your smile can be improved. It creates a bright smile with natural tooth tones still visible. In most cases it eliminates the need for extensive expensive restoration, such as veneers and crowns.
The teeth will always be lighter after whitening to varying degrees and they usually remain lighter for years. If the effects of bleaching wear off after time they may be re bleached.
Side effects
Some patients experience increased tooth sensitivity during whitening. However, this sensitivity always goes away soon after treatment is complete.
Over the counter
Some chemists sell home bleaching products at cheap rates. Although they may appear to be good value they are more harmful and less effective than the whitening kits a dentist provides. The mouth guards do not fit your teeth exactly resulting in gum irritation and the solution due to its concentration is less effective.

Case Study

Tony had decayed broken down teeth. In the first photograph you can see a combination of old composite resin restorations that have been stained and chipped. There is also surrounding decay.

We removed the decay and whitened his teeth. Then placed some composite bonded fillings and two crowns on his central incisors.

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